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Read books about art

Read books about art

Books, especially those with an exercise section are a great way for you to learn more about art in general. You can see how some of the biggest artists worked, what generally inspired them and how they have become really good in what they are doing. However avoid the below mistakes which so many beginners fall into:

  • Do not try to copy anyone’s style. You clearly do not have the knowledge and the experience behind it just yet and you initially have to aim to create your own style even after you collect the proper experience for it.
  • Don’t get discouraged by seeing the work of the greats and do not think “I will never be like that”. Everyone improves way differently and just as it is in life, everyone has their own style and tempo.
  • Do not try to hurry by becoming an “artist” all that much. Everyone is a creator. There is no such label which could make anyone better or worse. We are all different in our approach in doing things.
  • Read books about art


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