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Learn the basics of drawing

Learn the basics of drawing

Nearly anyone can grasp the basics of drawing, even regardless of talent, especially in the beginning. If you are unaware of your talent level, the easiest way to go is to check out a few instructional clips on YouTube on the basics of drawing and see how well or badly you are doing.

But most importantly, what you need to observe is how much you enjoy the process of drawing, as this is the most important, even more than talent.

What’s essential is to start drawing with the use of pencils, possibly softer ones around the lines of HB, B1 or B2. Do not go too soft though because that may mess with your drawing. Be patient, use a good paper and do not push the pencil on the paper too hard (classic beginners’ mistake) so that you can erase any errors easily later on.

Learn the basics of drawing


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