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Do not learn by master classes such as

Do not learn by master classes such as

Fraud is everywhere. There will always be people who would love to get rich by not doing anything, only pretending to do so. It’s something which is natural and part of life. However you shouldn’t let yourself be fooled by all the magical courses which promise you to learn drawing or painting within a matter of days. This totally equals the “get rich by not doing anything schemes” which are obviously not true.

Luckily, after a while everyone will realize if they are at the wrong place. If your teacher does things and acts in a way, which makes no sense, then stop that course right away and start a proper arts school which will surely teach you all about drawing and painting.

We would also like to remind you to pay special attention to the price you are asked to pay. Hobby classes should really not cost all that much of a money for you, unless they are fraud. Always check for a school which has a good name or a course with good reviews.

Do not learn by master classes such as


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